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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Our Club Awards

Club member Rick Frier came up with the idea of giving out special awards to club members at our Holiday party back in 2005. Since then we have awarded them every year based on a popular vote by club members. All of the awards were hand-made by Rick, and he has shared his descriptions of the meaning of each award below.

Click to see information about our Glenn Ensign award.

Best BreakBest Break This is for the one who has the biggest or best break.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Paul Wubbels
  • 2011-Bill Bailey
  • 2010-Brian Potter
  • 2009-Mick Sweeney
  • 2008-Dean Potter
  • 2007-Jeff Ellis

Best WrenchBest Wrench The person who can just fix anything on the trail or who fixed the most stuff on the trail for the year.

Previous Winners:
  • 2016-Johnny Perez
  • 2015-Rick Fried
  • 2014-James Anthony
  • 2013-James Anthony
  • 2012-Rick Frier
  • 2011-
  • 2010-Tony Molfino
  • 2009-Jeff Ellis
  • 2008-Jesse Aguilar
  • 2007-Brian Potter
  • 2006-Rick Frier
  • 2005-James Anthony

Big as EverBig As Ever this trophy has two meanings It's either for the one with the Biggest Heart or has done something to their rig which makes it Big As Ever.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Andy Towne
  • 2011-
  • 2010-Andy Towne
  • 2009-Jesse & Shannon Aguilar
  • 2008-James & Cheri Anthony

Broken PartsBroken Parts for the rig's owner who has broken the most on the trail for the year.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Beau Tyrell
  • 2011-Paul Wubbels
  • 2010-Mick Sweeney
  • 2009-Wade Leishman
  • 2008-Paul Wubbels
  • 2007-Robin Down
  • 2006-Jesse Aguilar
  • 2005-Brian Potter

Gear HeadGear Head latest trophy built The person who has built the most cool stuff for their rig over the last year or your definition of a gear head.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Jeff Wells
  • 2011-Robin Down
  • 2010-Paul Wubbels
  • 2009-James Anthony

Helping HandHelping Hand this is for the person on the club who was always there pulling your winch cable, stacking rocks, fixing rigs making meals or getting drinks.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Eli Casey
  • 2011-Rick Frier
  • 2010-Peter Vannerous
  • 2009-Tony Molfino
  • 2008-Skip Calcote
  • 2007-Steve Prinz
  • 2006-Brandon Chappell
  • 2005-Terry Crawford

Most DentedMost Dented This is easily explained Look at who I gave this trophy to first It's a yellow Bronco following in Robin's tracks is a fun day!

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Mick Sweeney
  • 2011-Jeff Wells
  • 2010-Robin Down
  • 2009-Robin Down
  • 2008-James Anthony
  • 2007-Paul Wubbels
  • 2006-Dean Potter
  • 2005-Robin Down

Most ImprovedMost improved This is easy usually a new member in the club or a person who has really improved over the last year.

Previous Winners:
  • 2012-Gary Combs
  • 2011-Wade Leishman
  • 2010-Bill & Nancy Baily
  • 2009-Peter Vannerous
  • 2008-Mick Sweeney
  • 2007-Ron Kilerease
  • 2006-Ryan Wenzel
  • 2005-Amy Pereira

TrustworthyTrustworthy This one has a "Heart" feeling about it the one person over the last year who you know you can always trust on the SC4WDC jeep runs.

Previous Winners:
  • 2016-Mick Sweeney
  • 2015-Robin Down
  • 2014-Dustin Colgrove
  • 2013-Mick Sweeney
  • 2012-Tony Molfino
  • 2011-Eli Casey
  • 2010-Nate & Anna Lewis
  • 2009-Eli Casey
  • 2008-Bran & Sherri Dixon
  • 2007-James Anthony
  • 2006-Steve Prinz
  • 2005-Jeff Ellis

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